Past Male Athlete of the Year Selections
Courtesy: Southern Conference
Release: 08/11/2008
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The Southern Conference Male Athlete of the Year is selected annually by the Southern Conference athletics directors and a media member representing each conference school. Prior to 1990-91, the award was selected solely by members of the Southern Conference Sports Media Association. Beginning in 1991-92, the award was names after the late Bob Waters, who was Western Carolina's head football coach from 1969-88.


1947-48         Frank Gillespie, Clemson (football, basketball, baseball)

1948-49         Charlie Justice, North Carolina (football)

1949-50         Whitt Cobb, Davidson (basketball)

1950-51         Dick Groat, Duke (basketball, baseball)

1951-52         Dick Groat, Duke (basketball, baseball)

1952-53         Frank Selvy, Furman (basketball)

1953-54         Johnny Mapp, VMI (football, track)

1954-55         Darrell Floyd, Furman (basketball)

1955-56         Darrell Floyd, Furman (basketball)

1956-57         Rod Hundley, West Virginia (basketball)

1957-58         Dom Flora, Washington & Lee (basketball, baseball)

1958-59         Jerry West, West Virginia (basketball)

1959-60         Jerry West, West Virginia (basketball)

1960-61         Jeff Cohen, William & Mary (basketball)

1961-62         Rod Thorn, West Virginia (basketball)

1962-63         Rod Thorn, West Virginia (basketball)

1963-64         Bob Schweickert, Virginia Tech (football)

1964-65         Fred Hetzel, Davidson (basketball)

1965-66         Dick Snyder, Davidson (basketball)

1966-67         Chuck Albertson, William & Mary (football)

1967-68         Ron Williams, West Virginia (basketball)

1968-69         Buster O'Brien, Richmond (football)

1969-70         Walker Gillette, Richmond (football, track)

1970-71         Phil Mosser, William & Mary (football)

1971-72         Brian Baima, The Citadel (football)

1972-73         Carlester Crumpler, East Carolina (football, track)

1973-74         Carl Summerell, East Carolina (football, track)

1974-75         Clyde Mayes, Furman (basketball)

1975-76         Brian Ruff, The Citadel (football, track)

1976-77         Brian Ruff, The Citadel (football, track)

1977-78         Wayne Tolleson, Western Carolina (football, baseball)

1978-79         John Gerdy, Davidson (basketball)

1979-80         Rick Beasley, Appalachian State (football, track)

1980-81         Stump Mitchell, The Citadel (football)

1981-82         Bill White, The Citadel (football, baseball)

1982-83         Anthony James, Western Carolina (football, track)

1983-84         Stanford Jennings, Furman (football, track)

1984-85         Rock Hurst, Furman (football, baseball, track)

1985-86         Lee Glaze, The Citadel (football, baseball)

1986-87         John Settle, Appalachian State (football)

1987-88         Tony Petersen, Marshall (football, baseball)

1988-89         Jeff Blankenship, Furman (football)

1989-90         Anthony Jenkins, The Citadel (baseball)

1990-91         Keith Jennings, ETSU (basketball)

1991-92         Michael Payton, Marshall (football)

1992-93         Michael Payton, Marshall (football)

1993-94         Jason Beverlin, Western Carolina (baseball)

1994-95         Todd Donnan, Marshall (football)

1995-96         Dexter Coakley, Appalachian State (football)

1996-97         Dexter Coakley, Appalachian State (football)

1997-98         B.J. Adigun, ETSU (football)

1998-99         Brian Wiley, The Citadel (baseball)

1999-00         Adrian Peterson, Georgia Southern (football)

2000-01         Louis Ivory, Furman (football)

2001-02         Randy Corn, The Citadel (baseball)

2002-03         James Cameron, Furman (tennis)

2003-04         Matt Nelson, Wofford (football)

2004-05         Davon Fowlkes, Appalachian State (football)

2005-06         Richie Williams, Appalachian State (football)

2006-07         Marques Murrell, Appalachian State (football)

2007-08         Stephen Curry, Davidson (basketball)

2008-09         Stephen Curry, Davidson (basketball)

2009-10         Armanti Edwards, Appalachian State (football)

2010-11         Andrew Goudelock, College of Charleston (basketball)

2011-12         Austin Trotman, Appalachian State (wrestling)

2012-13         Eric Breitenstein, Wofford (football)

2013-14         De'Mon Brooks, Davidson (basketball)

2014-15         Davis Tull, Chattanooga (football)

2015-16         Jacob Huesman, Chattanooga (football)

2016-17         Will Bagrou, Mercer (soccer)

2017-18         Will Bagrou, Mercer (soccer)



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