WBK Game 6 Quotes
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Release: 03/03/2012
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Game Six Quotes

#2 Appalachian State 61, #7 Western Carolina 43

March 3, 2012

Appalachian State

Head Coach Darcie Vincent

"I enjoy playing at Kimmel Arena, it's a great venue for us with a great atmosphere...we had a lot of fans out here

On the run to end the first half

"I didn't like the vulnerability we showed when we let them close out the half the way they did, but at the same time I like the strength and character of the team to come out and not let them carry the momentum in the second half... We are the more experienced team and we are the more rested team. I think we rebounded really well."

On defending Menendez

 "We stuck TC (Weldon) on her and told her, don't allow her to do anything. Her only basket was in transition. But you have to know where she's at and you have to take it away from her. If it wasn't for her, they wouldn't have had the run they did. TC wanted that challenge; senior on senior."

On Chakeitha Weldon

 "She has an ability, she's a great athlete...she did nothing but played herself"

On defensive stand in the second half

 "We just amped it up...this is who we are...This is what we have to come out and do, we are fresh with it, we're hungry with it...This is our bread and butter...this is what makes us...we kept switching up defenses to keep them off rhythm and that seemed to work...its always easy in the beginning, it's always easy in the end, it's what you do in the middle."

Junior Anna Freeman

On physical play of the game

 "It's not a season if I don't have bruises all over my face...I got a right black eye now I have a left's great."

On play

 "I have a tendency to come out hot then I shy away...its something I have to get out of...I'm not used to being that scoring threat...I surprise myself sometimes because I shy back to my other ways."


Senior Chakeitha Weldon

On halftime speech

 "Coach told us you have to pick your defense up, they are being more physical than us...I'm not going to let Menendez score anymore points. Defense is what wins championships."

Western Carolina

Head Coach Karen Middleton

"I'm just really proud of our effort and I give a ton of credit to Appalachian State; they're a good team. They create a lot of challenges in their matchups."

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