Southern Conference Distinguished Service Award Program
Courtesy: Southern Conference
Release: 08/11/2008
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The Distinguished Service Award program was started in 2002 as a way for the Southern Conference to recognize those individuals from its member institutions who have contributed to all aspects of the university. Each member institution selects an individual to represent their campus.


2012-13 Honorees (All awards were presented by Southern Conference Commissioner John Iamarino)


Appalachian State: Brad Adcock  
Chattanooga: Gary Davis  
The Citadel: Lee and Shermalyn Kelce  
Davidson: William Rikard  
Elon: Sam and Vicky Hunt  
Furman: Graham and Jarrell Seagraves  
Georgia Southern: David and Shawn Steverson  
UNCG: Bill and Laura Barrier  
Samford: John Pittman  
Chattanooga: Gary Davis  
Western Carolina: Dianne G. Lynch  
Wofford: Ann and Stewart Johnson  

2011-12 Honorees (All awards were presented by Southern Conference Commissioner John Iamarino)


Appalachian State: David Allen Vaughn  
College of Charleston: John M. Rivers, Jr.  
Chattanooga: Dean and Mary Jane Heavener  
The Citadel: Thomas R. Culler  
Davidson: William D. Vinson  
Elon: Cecil and JoAnna Worsley  
Furman: James M. and Carol N. Ney  
Georgia Southern: Richard T. Evans  
UNCG: Jim and Betty Allen  
Samford: Dr. Larry W. Cox  
Western Carolina: Fred Cantler  
Wofford: Dr. Mack C. Poole, III and Dr. Melvin D. Medlock  


2010-11 Honorees  (All awards were presented by Southern Conference Commissioner John Iamarino)


Appalachian State: Mark Harrill  
College of Charleston: Tomi Youngblood  
Chattanooga: J. Lewis Card, Jr.  
The Citadel: Jesse B. Jackson  
Davidson: Ben T. Vernon, Jr.  
Elon: Dr. and Mrs. W. Bryan Latham  
Furman: Ray and Pat Ballew  
Georgia Southern: Ted S. Smith  
UNCG: Lynne Agee  
Samford: Michael Rice  
Western Carolina: Kevin and Lynn Stanberry  
Wofford: Harry Pinkney Williams, Jr.  


2009-10 Honorees

Appalachian State: G.A. Sywassink
College of Charleston: George and Marie Barnette
Chattanooga: Robert T. (Bob) Davis
The Citadel: William "Bill" F. Schupp
Davidson: Janet H. Wilson
Elon: Wes and Cathy Elingburg
Furman: Colonel "Bo" and Mickey Barry
Georgia Southern: Phil Moore
UNCG: Pat Hielscher
Samford: Lynn Boggs
Western Carolina: Steve White
Wofford: John Bauknight

 2008-09 Honorees

Appalachian State: J. Bradley Wilson
College of Charleston: Robert and Susan Marlowe
Chattanooga: Zan Guerry
The Citadel: William "Bill" Sansom
Davidson: Ross Manire
Elon: Jay and Amy Hendrickson
Furman: David and Carol Mauldin
Georgia Southern: Mike Cummings
UNCG: H. Michael Weaver
Samford Gary Cooney
Western Carolina: Norman A. West
Wofford: Robert D. Atkins

  2007-08 Honorees 

Appalachian State: Tommy Sofield
College of Charleston: Ernest and Cindy Masters
Chattanooga: James L. "Bucky" Wolford
The Citadel: Dr. Sam Pearson
Davidson: Sterling Martin
Elon: Vicki Hightower
Furman: Dan and Kat Joyner
Georgia Southern: Tim Durden
UNC Greensboro: Dr. Richard Beavers
Western Carolina: Ted Phillips, Jr. and Avis A. Phillips
Wofford: Ed Wile


 2006-07 Honorees

Appalachian State: Reba Smith Moretz
College of Charleston: John and Dana Tiller
Chattanooga: Brenda Lawson
The Citadel: Gene Moore, III
Davidson: J. B. Stroud
Elon: Jeanne and Jerry Robertson
Furman: Christopher Reid Borch
Georgia Southern: Arthur Howard
UNCG: Edwin S. (Jim) Melvin
Western Carolina: Tobe Childers
Wofford: Elliott Franklin "Eli" Sanders


 2005-06 Honorees

Appalachian State: F.P. Bodenheimer
College of Charleston: Tap and Jean Johnson
Chattanooga: Frank Trundle
The Citadel: W. Thomas "Tommey" McQueeney
Davidson: Jeff Frank
Elon: Zac and Dot Walker
Furman: Pearce and E.M. "Sonny" Horton
Georgia Southern: Lamar Hennon
UNCG: C. Thomas Martin
Western Carolina: Dale and Dianne Hollifield
Wofford: Cleveland and Curtis Harley


 2004-05 Honorees

Appalachian State: Jim Smith
College of Charleston: Edwin S. Pearlstine, Jr.
Chattanooga: Joe and Barbara Waters
The Citadel: Dr. Kenneth Madison Caldwell
Davidson: Alex Porter, Jr.
East Tennessee State: Bill G. Humphreys
Elon: The Koury Family
Furman: William R. Timmons, Jr.
Georgia Southern: Robert B. Baker
UNCG: Michael Burke
Western Carolina: Robert Failing
Wofford: Joab M. Lessesne, Jr.


2003-04 Honorees

Appalachian State: Robert Turchin
College of Charleston: Frankie Whelan
Chattanooga: Dr. Michael Jones
The Citadel: Eugene "Gene" A. Broker
Davidson: Lowell L. Bryan
East Tennessee State: Thomas C. Seaton
Elon: Mr. and Mrs. Warren "Dusty" Rhodes
Furman: Lucius H. Weeks
Georgia Southern: Dan J. Parrish, Jr.
UNCG: Stanley Frank
Western Carolina: John Larry Stanberry



2002-03 Honorees 

Appalachian State: George Goodyear
College of Charleston: Tomi Youngblood
Chattanooga: Milly Farsis
The Citadel: Col. Julian Fraser
Davidson: John Montgomery Belk
East Tennessee State: Janette Campbell Diehl
Furman: Doris Mansfield
Georgia Southern: Eugene M. Bishop
UNCG: Michael Fleming
VMI: Senator Elom Gray
Western Carolina: Dr. Wallace N. Hyde
Wofford: Harold Chandler



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