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Classroom Connections: UNCG
Courtesy: Southern Conference
Release: 05/08/2019
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Courtesy: Southern Conference

UNCG baseball player Chad Sykes and Dr. David Wyrick

About Chad Sykes:
  • 5-11 right-handed pitcher
  • Redshirt senior from Creedmoor, N.C.

About Dr. David Wyrick: 

  • Professor in the School of Health and Human Sciences - Department of Public Health Education
  • Owns a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science from Elon University (1994), an MPH in Public Health Education from UNC Greensboro (1998), and a Ph.D. in Educational Research Methodology from UNC Greensboro (2002).
  • Played basketball at Elon
  • Has been teaching at UNCG since 2006

Chad Sykes and Dr. Wyrick at the UNCG student-athlete awards show

Q&A with Chad Sykes

  • What do you like most about Dr. Wyrick's class? Dr. Wyrick is a very informative professor who keeps his teachings interesting by relating topics to things his students are interested in. For example, as an athlete I am obviously interested in sports and competition and he knows that relating his teachings to sports will keep students like me engaged. He has a background in college sports so he understands what it is like to have the demands of being a student-athlete. Dr. Wyrick is always willing to help students in any way possible in order to better understanding of various topics.
  •  What makes Dr. Wyrick a good teacher? As a student-athlete, I relate more to professors who understand how taxing it is to be a student-athlete and Dr. Wyrick is just that. As I stated before, Dr. Wyrick understands the time demands required for a student-athlete and will work with them in order to better their education. Even for typical students, he will go out of his way to do all he can to make their college experience the best possible while they are in his class.
  • What is something you’re involved in outside of class and sports that we may not know? I am a SAAC (Student Athlete Advisory Counsel) representative for our baseball team here at UNCG. This is related to sports but is not a team function. SAAC is made up of a couple of athletes from each team who are liaisons between athletes and administration to better the student-athlete experience. Other than that, I enjoy golfing, hunting, and fishing whenever I have off days or in my free time.  
  • How do you manage academics, athletics and a social life? What is your key to good time management? Undergrad was much more of a struggle in terms of time management. I would typically go to class in the mid morning to early afternoon before baseball practice. After practice, I would work on homework for about an hour or two a night in order to stay on top of work and call it a day. I actually started my master’s degree this fall, which is a strictly online degree. This makes time management a lot more flexible. I now like to knock out all my work before practice around 2 so that at night I can have a social life or get some Fortnite games in. The main key to my time management is to avoid procrastinating. I have gotten a lot better about that in the past year or so and it has made doing school work a lot less stressful.
  • What is your favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is the baseball field. We are lucky that our field is right here on campus so that we can get out of class and hangout with the guys in the locker-room for a couple hours before practice. There a lot of cool places to hangout on campus but I have probably spent half of my time at UNCG hanging out on or around the baseball field so that is for sure my favorite spot on campus.
  • What are your plans post grad? My post grad plans are a little bit up in the air. I plan to finish up my master’s degree, since I only have one semester left, and then get a job in the information systems field. I am most interested in project management or cyber security aspects of my degree so I hope to do something in that field and see where that takes me.

 Q&A with Dr. Wyrick:

  • What was it like having Chad in your class? Fantastic! Chad is an extremely disciplined student whose interest in the course shined through in everything he submitted.
  • What is your favorite sport or hobby? What do you like to do in your free time? I enjoy spending time with family (wife and 3 daughters). I love to walk my dog daily - we go for a 4 mile walk in the morning. When I can, I enjoy checking out new restaurants and stores in downtown Greensboro. And of course, I enjoy watching sport-related movies.
  • What’s your favorite spot on campus? Definitely my office!
  • How often are you able to watch your student-athletes compete? On a regular basis – even if I can’t stay for a whole game/match.
  • What is your favorite thing about teaching? I am so energized by the students – their genuine interest and critical nature. They keep me on my toes! 

About Classroom Connections: Classroom Connections is a new, bi-weekly feature that showcases student-athletes away from the playing field and highlights the relationship between student-athlete and professor. 

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