Classroom Connections: The Citadel
Courtesy: Southern Conference
Release: 11/23/2018
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Courtesy: Southern Conference

The Citadel women's soccer player Katherine Arroyo and Dr. James Bezjian

About Katherine Arroyo:
  • redshirt junior 
  • 5-6 midfielder from Guacima, Costa Rica
  • Exercise science major

About Dr. Bezjian: 

  • Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Director of the Innovation Lab in the Baker School of Business
  • Owns a Bachelor's of Science degree in international business, an MBA from Azusa Pacific University, a Masters of Letters in International Business from the University of St. Andrews in Scotland and a PhD from the University of Edinburgh in Edinburgh, Scotland.
  • Second year of teaching at The Citadel

Dr. Bezjian and Katherine Arroyo on The Citadel's campus

Q&A with Katherine Arroyo:

  •  What makes Dr. Bezjian a good teacher? The way he teaches is different compared with all the professors. His classes are always fun, so that is good because you don’t get tired. We always do different stuff in his classes.
  • What do you like most about Dr. Bezjian's class? I like him a lot because he really concerned about his students, and he loves to help us. He is more than a just professor, he is a real friend.
  • What is something you’re involved in outside of class and sports that we may not know? I am working as a tutor at The Citadel teaching Spanish. I am working for one of my classes in an internship for a law firm. Every Monday I go to the Charleston museum to work in 3D scan for a class.
  • How do you manage academics, athletics and a social life? What is your key to good time management? It is hard, but I try to be very organized, work on homework, and study every day. I don’t accumulate a lot of work for one day so that gives me a little bit of free time to hangout with my friends.
  • What’s your favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is the soccer field, and the locker room because every time I go in there, I see all my soccer sisters, my "hermanas." If I was having a bad day, they can fix it and make my day better.
  • What are your plans post grad? I want to do my MBA at The Citadel and play for the soccer team one more year. I am trying to find a job and stay in the United States working for a couple years, before I go back to Costa Rica.


 Q&A with Dr. Bezjian:

  •   What was it like having Katherine in your class? Having Kat in my class has been very refreshing because she brings an athletic and international perspective to our activities. She is in my innovation workshop and has done a phenomenal job working with 3D scanners and taking personal responsibility to develop herself for the working environment.
  • What is your favorite sport or hobby? What do you like to do in your free time? I love going to my gym, Orange Theory, and getting a good work out in. One of my favorite sports is soccer. I love the World Cup and how it brings countries from around the world together..
  • What’s your favorite spot on campus? My favorite spot on campus is Chick-fil-A for obvious reasons!
  • What is your favorite thing about teaching? I love seeing the impact we as teachers have on students but more importantly, I look forward to learning from my students and continuing to develop myself from the knowledge and life experience they have.

About Classroom Connections: Classroom Connections is a new, bi-weekly feature that showcases student-athletes away from the playing field and highlights the relationship between student-athlete and professor. 

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